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De pers over The Analogues:

'Muzikaal spektakelstuk!' - Het Parool 'Beangstigend goed!' - De Volkskrant 'A Musical Wonder from Holland' - Eastern Daily Press UK

Vox AC50

As the halls got larger and the screams got louder, the Beatles needed more power to cut through the noise. A review for one of their tour dates in 1963 reported: “Unfortunately, the non-stop ear-piercing screams drowned the Beatles’ songs. It was impossible to hear the words. In fact the group had difficulty in making their instruments heard let alone their voices.” John and George started playing through the Vox AC50, a 50 watt piggyback tube amp with a speaker enclosure housing two twelve inch speakers, specially made for the Beatles by Jennings Musical Instruments. (Bob Mytkowicz) You will see two AC50's on stage with The Analogues. Bart uses one in combination with his Höfner Violin Bass; Jac uses his AC50 mostly for early Beatles material.

Sgt. Pepper - performed live by The Analogues