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'Muzikaal spektakelstuk!' - Het Parool 'Beangstigend goed!' - De Volkskrant 'A Musical Wonder from Holland' - Eastern Daily Press UK

Clavioline Auditorium

For the recording-sessions ‘Baby You’re A Rich Man’ the Beatles were forced to move to Olympic Studios, because Abbey Road was booked. At Olympia, they stumbled upon a clavioline. The clavioline is a monophonic keyboard, a forerunner to the analog synthesizer, invented in 1947 (monophonic means that only one note sounded at a time, precluding chords). As for John Lennon's use of the instrument on this day, one apocryphal story suggests that he achieved his rapid-fire wail by rolling an orange up and down across the keyboard. Bart found two antique Claviolines in England, but refuses to play them with an orange.

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