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De pers over The Analogues:

'Muzikaal spektakelstuk!' - Het Parool 'Beangstigend goed!' - De Volkskrant 'A Musical Wonder from Holland' - Eastern Daily Press UK


George Martin played the harpsichord part on Fixing A Hole: “Paul knew exactly where he was going with Fixing A Hole. As a result, it was one of the fastest tracks we recorded, in an album of 13 songs that took some five months to complete. [...] It took only two days. It's a very simply constructed song, built around a harpsichord and a bass guitar. Even before we got into the studio Paul had decided to use a harpsichord as the mainstay of his rhythm; even so, the bass line is more important than the harpsichord line. Paul had to play bass guitar on it, because nobody could (or can) play that instrument quite like him. That meant someone else was going to have to play keyboards. This was unusual, because Paul always liked to play his own keyboards on his own compositions. The part of honorary stand-in keyboard player to the greatest group in the world was offered to me.” — George Martin Obviously, The Analogues have a real harpsichord on stage, even it's for just one song. It's a Lindholm from 1966.

Fixing A Hole

All You Need Is Love

The Analogues play All You Need Is Love