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'Muzikaal spektakelstuk!' - Het Parool 'Beangstigend goed!' - De Volkskrant 'A Musical Wonder from Holland' - Eastern Daily Press UK

Fender Bassman Blackface

What a lot of people do not know is that the 1964 6G6-B Bassman was actually the most recorded amplifier by The Beatles. The amp was first used by Paul McCartney as his main bass amp from 1965 to mid 1967 (he did use a Vox during this time but not as much as the Bassman). In 1966 and 1967 John Lennon and George Harrison shared it (sometimes playing their guitars through the amp at the same time) and from early 1967 George Harrison took it over as his main amp. If you look at any Beatles documentary from 1967 you will always see it there (even in the Apple offices at times). So, the 1964 Bassman is actually the “real” amp used by The Beatles in the latter years and most creative years, rather than the iconic Vox which dominated their early years. So, although the Utah speakers were not the best speakers their sound dominated Beatle recordings from Rubber Soul (1965) to Abbey Road (1970). (Darin Morris) Bart gets his sound by amplifying his Fender Jazz Bass and his Fender VI Bass with the Bassman.