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'Muzikaal spektakelstuk!' - Het Parool 'Beangstigend goed!' - De Volkskrant 'A Musical Wonder from Holland' - Eastern Daily Press UK

Gretsch Country Gentleman

When the Beatles started to get famous in the early 60s, George bought a 1962 Chet Atkins "Country Gentleman" Gretsch guitar. George can be seen using this one more often than anything else on stage but he didn't use it as much in the studio recordings. This guitar is remembered because of its destruction. George Harrison: “Fourteen of our guitars were strapped to the roof of our Austin Princess and the only one lost was my Gretsch. It fell onto the road and into the path of the oncoming traffic. About thirteen lorries went over it before our chauffeur could get near it. Then, one of the lorries stopped and the driver came up with the dangling remains of it and said, 'Oi, is this banjo anything to do with you?' Some people would say I shouldn't worry because I could buy as many replacement guitars as I wanted, but you know how it is, I kind of got attached to it.” We were lucky enough to find a '62 Country Gentleman. Only a pre-1964 has official Harrison-specs -with Filtertron pickups.

Jac with one of George's favorite guitars