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twan Hendriks
lekkerrrrrr heerlijkkkk onze helden blijven leven zo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alvaro Trujillo
please, please me... and whenever the world is back to normal come to Chile to perform

Kurt Lesch
Hi Analogues, Do you bring out a new CD / DVD promptly in these Corona times, possibly also out of series with single releases such as Revolution / He Jude or the CD / DVD Let it be? As your big fan, I hope to hear from you again soon! A good time Kurt Lesch In Google Übersetzer öffnen • Feedback geben

Waling Bandsma
Hallo, Jullie gebruiken in maxwell's silver hammer een aambeeld.Bij het orkest waar ik als inspecient/inspecteur werkte heb ik dat ook in een klassiek stuk zien gebruiken. In dit geval zou het echter heel goed een zgn "kluitje" kunnen zijn,een gewicht van ca 10 kg dat in theaters etc werd gebruikt om dingen vast te zetten (en als tegengewicht in trekken) en waarschijnlijk ook in abbey road daarvoor werd gebruikt.Ik heb er een en dit lijkt het goede geluid te geven:als ik een mailadres heb kan ik dit opnemen.

First Generation
CORRECTION! Just watched and listened to the White Album again fairly loud on good speakers. What a treat!! You guys need to hit the States. Lets get rid of this damn COVID!!

First Generation
Just watched and listened to the White Album again fairly loud. What a treat! You guys need to hit the States. Lets get rid of this damn CIVOD!!

Dave Oberg
I've been watching the White Album on Youtube. It's wonderful. I'd love to see a live show. Any plans for a North American Tour?

Scott Kessler
Just discovered you guys over here in the States, marvelous!!! You HAVE to come to the U.S. at some point, please! Nashville to be exact :-). Question about Birthday/White Album: You are super precise on EVERYTHING, but why don't you play that arpeggiating VIII-V-I at the end?

Irma van Hezewijk
Volgens mij is Zach Starkey de zoon van Ringo!

Zach Starkey
Just watched the White Album. Amazing to see and hear all the different bits played live, you nailed it! Really appreciate that you don't embellish the parts. Hats off to you all!

Ron Romigh
Love watching clips on YouTube. Are your dvds able to be played on American DVD players ?

Ron Romigh
Love watching clips on YouTube. Are your dvds able to be played on American DVD players ?

Georg Wagner
In my youth I heard the Beatles' hits on the radio nearly every day, but there was (nearly) nothing on video or TV. Watching you now how, with such engagement, you're playing their music live, and not only their hits, is a real "Augenschmaus" and pure fun. Brilliant...

Lou Rall
I have loved the Beatles since first hearing them on my tiny 9volt transistor radio. Then came Ed Sullivan and wow. I never saw them in concert but sat outside the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, Oregon in 1965(?). (I didn't have $5 for a ticket.) I just stumbled onto the Sgt, Pepper concert video and was amazed!!! What a fantastic presentation!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. If I can find a way to Germany in Spring 2022, I will be there!

David McAdam
As a lifelong Beatles fan the Analogues are the next best thing to hearing the Beatles perform live. I hope you come to Scotland.

eric schansman
Hallo drummer Fred Gehring. Ik heb de TV-documentaire over de "making" van de Abbey Road LP gezien .. geweldig leuk en ik bewonder jullie muzikale talenten en vasthoudendheid bij dit "Beatle-Revival project". Ik speel slaggitaar en argentijnse drum/bombo in een argentijns muziekgroepje en gefascineerd door het argentijnse chacarera poly-ritme (3/4 en 6/8). Nu blijkt dat de Beatles in 1968 "Yer bluess" in dit ritme hebben gespeeld zie ¡Chacarera! Lennon, Keith Richards, Clapton y Mitchell (mashup Biribiri Records) - YouTube . Vind ik wel een grappig experiment van hen! Was je dit bekend? Mvg eric schansman

Ivano Stolf
Please plan a world tour while you and we are alive and healthy. We would like to reward the WHOLE crew for their dedication and passion… and remember Hey Bulldog, “you got it, you got it, woooo”

Bert Jackson
Just watched your White Album show, and wow! Really incredible performances. It would be great to see you all in the US at some point, I think you all would go over very well here given all the Beatles nostalgia. Bravo and thanks for the music...

Julieta Correa Saffi
Hello! I am Julieta from Argentina. I found in Youtube your White Album Concert . Thank you so much for such a beatiful moment that you gave me. Congrats , you are amazing and an inspiration. I send you a lot of love ! Julieta

Paul Stephenson
Hi there Ever heard of Mike Pachelli? A one-man Analogues - how to play Beatles songs the way they did, with what looks like the same vintage instruments. For example: PS I'm not a friend or relative of Mike's, just another ageing Beatles fan! PPS Love the Abbey Road and Liverpool DVDs I got for Christmas.