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De overheid heeft besloten dat evenementen voor meer dan 100 personen t/m 31 maart worden afgelast. Dat geldt ook voor de optredens van The Analogues. De theaters zullen contact opnemen over nieuwe data of restitutie van kaarten.

Dear visitor,
The government has decided that events for more than 100 people will be canceled until March 31. This also applies to the performances of The Analogues. The theaters will contact you about new dates or refund of tickets.

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Jim Fogle
Greetings from North Carolina in the USA. Please know any of your shows will be well received should you ever decide to tour the USA. I've viewed several Analogue concerts on YouTube. I am awed by the musical, vocal and production skills your shows demonstrate.

Claudio Rosa Vilardo
Sou fã dos Beatles desde adolescente, e quando acabaram em 1970, deixou um vazio enorme para todos os que gostavam desta banda incrível. Precisamos de quase cinquenta anos para poder ouvi-los e assisti-los novamente. Para mim vendo e ouvindo The Analogues, me vejo perante os Beatles. Voces são simplesmente os melhores! Se tiverem oportunidade de tocarem aqui no Brasil, com certeza já estou na primeira fila.

John Davis
Stumbled on the White Album concert a couple of weeks ago while on Youtube. I was blown away! I have seen many Beatles tribute bands but The Analogues are the best ever! I have watched the White Album concert many times as well as the Sgt Pepper concert and all of the other smaller pieces on YouTube. You have brought a lot of joy to this Beatles fan! Appreciate so much your dedication to the details. I would give anything to see you live in concert. When this corona mess is over, I hope to fly to Europe and see you live! I can't thank you enough for what you are doing!

Barry Hunt
Good afternoon, I have just watched your "white album" concert and really appreciated your skills at reproducing that milestone album. As fifties child growing up in the UK, the Beatles were a big thing in our lives. So to hear their music being played live with such skill is a joy to hear. I must ask, once we all get over the coronavirus pandemic, will you bless the UK with your sounds? Thank you once again.

Uwe Hoffmann
Ich bin so froh, dass das Konzert in Stuttgart erst im Oktober stattfindet und wir uns dann alle nach überstandenen Virus auf eure tolle Musik freuen dürfen. Ich komm nun schon zum 3.Mal zu den Analogues um die Musik der Beatles zu genießen. Ihr zelebriert das fantastisch. Auf ein Neues in Stuttgart im Oktober.....come together!!!

Anthony MacLeod
My Dear Friends, This evening I have come across Sgt Peppers on YouTube. I arrived by internally debating the merits of George Harrison, gut flora and the human immune system whilst simultaneously having the refrain "life goes on within you and without you" running through my mind (I work in IT, not biomed), which amused me and so I followed a thread. I thank you you for performance of Sgt Peppers, for it brought me joy, and elicited unashamed warm tears that still are drying as I write. Be well and do well Many Thanks, Anthony

Richard Slater
Stunning, flawless performance !!!

Joe Aquila
Get down with your bad self!

Bernard Meulman
Tip.Zoals je op deze site kunt lezen spelen The Ananlogues in oktober 2020 in Bremen.(tourdates) Er zijn nog kaarten!! En.. Bremen is relatief dichtbij en het Metrpol Theater heeft een fantastische akoestiek. Na 4 keer the white album gezien te hebben nu 4 keer Abbey Road en de John Lennon special! Je kunt The Beatles niet meer zien maar wel horen. Blijf gezond!

Arie Keus
Beste mensen vd analogues zouden jullie willen overwegen de abbey road tour/let it be tour te verlengen. Er zijn zoveel fans die dit nog willen zien/horen, maar dit misschien door het huidige virus achter het net vissen. Laat dit een oproep zijn die door heel veel fans word gesteund!!!!!! Wij kunnen ons toch niet voorstellen dat wij deze show nooit meer kunnen beleven !!!!

Renato McCartney
Come to Brazil / Rio de Janeiro !!! Come to Brazil / Rio de Janeiro !!! Come to Brazil / Rio de Janeiro !!! Come to Brazil / Rio de Janeiro !!! Come to Brazil / Rio de Janeiro !!!

Jasper Don
"Singing power to the people. Power to the people. Power to the people. Power to the people, right on" ............................... We wensen ongelofelijk veel mensen in heel de wereld veel kracht toe. Ook willen we iedereen een hart onder de riem steken. Iedereen die betrokken is en was bij The Analogues, in welke functie dan ook. Als muzikant, als technicus, als chauffeur, als zzp'er, et cetera. Maar ook alle theatermedewerkers in heel het land die het mogelijk maken dat wij artiesten als The Analogues live kunnen ervaren. Tot snel!

Helmut Ostrzecha
What a pity! No concerts in April in Groningen.

Gary Burns
Greetings from Liverpool. Any plans to tour the UK? Would love to hear your music in its spiritual home.

John Vara
You guys are fantastic ! I hope you will come to the U.S. Would love to see you live !!

Dave Chez
Please have some US tour dates, we think your great!

Larry Schumacher
Any chance you will ever come to New Jersey in the USA? I really enjoy your performances on you tube. You really represent the greatness of the Beatles well.

Marc Boloten
Your performances are amazing. Any chance of coming to Montreal Canada?

Hiroshi Miyashita
Hi, I was introduced your group from my friend. I found your wonderful lives on Youtube & they are really great, incredible, fantastic! Thank you for sharing. I hope you might come to Japan after Corona virus issues cease.

Winston O’Lennon
Come to Montreal, Canada. Certainly be a thrill. The Henderson will be there! We held Lennon’s bed in. And, Give Peace a Chance was recorded here in room 1742 at the Queen Elizabeth hotel. We are waiting your visit!