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David Johnston
This is a comment about your website, which is superbly designed, as everything Analogue is (publicity, merchandise, concert films and titles). The 'Instruments' section is a nice, and informative touch – but how about updating it, especially as your rendition of Abbey Road is well and truly an established achievement? The later era Ludwig drum kit, and the Moog synthesiser – and, yes, the anvil! – are three examples of equipment that needs to be added to the site. In the parlance of today: "Just saying…"

Eric Geyelin
Hello friends, Two years ago in September 2019 I saw you play in France at the Olympia and with my friends we were very impressed. Since then I own all your DVDs and records. So congratulations to you and good luck with your future. We hope to see you again very very soon in France. All the best dear Friends

gabriele gabriele
Waiting for you in Italy. Guys, you are more.. more... more than amazing!!!

David Dickey
You guys are terrific, outstanding, tremendous, awesome, etc. Oh, very talented. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble you go to faithfully reproduce and preserve not just the greatest pop music ever made but some of the greatest works of art of any kind. again, thanks from the USA!

Alan Hollingsworth
Why don't you come to Canada?

Dear Irma, My question was more of a flippant, tongue in cheek comment as it was always a question debated here in England but I really appreciate your comments and views,thank you for taking the time to reply. As with the Beatles in their time and the Analogues now, without excellent and professional supporting musicians, engineers etc.the music would be incomplete. I have all the Analogues DVD'S, watch them every night as I never had the opportunity in my youth to see the Beatles live. Sorry to "go on a bit". By the way my favourite is the cello player, what a character!

Peter Vreijsen
Als trouw Analogues-bezoeker ga ik 18 november a.s. in Hoorn naar - wederom - Let it be/Abbey Road. Helaas is de aanvankelijke Hello Goodbye try-out komen te vervallen maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. Ik zag de voorstelling eerder in januari 2020 (kon nog net) en wil er toch iets over kwijt. Voor de pauze Abbey Road is uiteraard prima (ik was er ook bij in Londen), maar bij de selectie na de pauze zet ik toch wat vraagtekens. Aangekondigd als een selectie van de beste nummers van de studioalbums is het toch op z'n minst vreemd dat nummers als The Long And Winding Road, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Blackbird, I'm The Walrus en Lucy In The Sky het veld hebben moeten ruimen ten faveure van bijvoorbeeld I Me Mine, One After 909, Mother Nature's Son, Good Morning Good Morning (!!) en Sgt. Peppers reprise. Ik begrijp dat jullie soms kiezen voor persoonlijke favorieten (Hey Buldog) maar ik denk dat het publiek hier door de bank genomen toch anders over denkt. Iets om over na te denken? Voor het overige: Hulde!

Michael Kirby
As a nine year old child whose parents would not take him to see the Beatles at Candlestick Park, watching your DVD’s is the next best thing, even at the age of 64. Come to Seattle, WA USA or Vancouver B.C. Canada! Please!

Irma van Hezewijk
Dear Alan, I've got news for you. There are already 6 Analogues. The band started with Fred Gehring, Bart van Poppel, Diederik Nomden, Jac Bico and Jan van der Meij. Sadly Jan got serious hearing problems in 2019 and had to be replaced by Felix Maginn. Jan has recovered more or less and sometimes plays with the band, mostly on special occasions (the White Album concert in Liverpool and the Abbey Road concert in the Abby Road Studio in London), always wearing head phones nowadays. So the question is not 'who is the sixth Analogue?' but 'who is the seventh Analogue?' Well, there are many musicians that play with the Analogues at every concert, so make your choice. My personal favorite is Leon Klaasse, percussion, especially when he plays the anvil in Maxwell's Silver Hammer!

Alan Daurge
For over 50 years the question was asked, "Who was the fifth Beatle?" So it stands to reason to ask "Who is the sixth Analogue?"

Margret Mainusch
Hallo zusammen ,leider ist es den Fans in Deutschland nicht möglich das niederländische Fernsehprogramm zu sehen. Ich würde gerne "The Analogues op weg naar Abbey Road" sehen. Ist es möglich für die ausländischen Fans eine DVD anzubieten? Leider ist das Konzert im Ziggo Dom abgesagt. Es wäre schön zu Hause wieder etwas neues zu sehen. Liebe Grüße

Irma van Hezewijk
De verwarring over het al dan niet doorgaan van de Hello Goodbye concerten in september is groot. Geen enkele website geeft uitsluitsel. Vandaag kreeg ik bericht van Amphion Doetinchem dat mijn kaartje voor de try out op 2 september niet doorgaat, omdat 10 en 11 september in Ziggo Dome ook niet doorgaan. Op de websites van TicketMaster en Mojo is daar niets over terug te vinden en Amphion verkoopt nog steeds kaartjes. Op deze website staan in de touragenda's alle concerten van Hello Goodbye nog gewoon vermeld. Kan er op korte termijn duidelijkheid komen voor alle fans die smachten naar een concert van The Analogues en de dagen al aan het aftellen waren? Nu wordt het waarschijnlijk wachten tot november voor ik weer kan gaan genieten.

Jeff Sevilla
You guys are incredible. Please come to the USA!!

john mcwhinnie
Canada Calling

Tony Mladenovic

Phillip Mold
PLease, when will you cone to France?

Jean-Louis Chollet
A real joy ! When will you come in France ?

Gracias por vuestro esfuerzo en poner la esencia la la mejor musica del siglo XX. Os esperamos en España.

Gracias por vuestro esfuerzo en poner la esencia la la mejor musica del siglo XX. Os esperamos en España.

Dave king
Having seen your live performances on YouTube, I am truly amazed and in awe of the accurateness, treatment and superb vocal/instrument blend that you achieve. These tracks were hard enough to achieve in a studio with dubs and re-takes. You do it live and exposed. A shout to your sound engineers too!! Seriously in awe of your craftmanship