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The Analogues

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Jean-Louis Chollet
A real joy ! When will you come in France ?

Gracias por vuestro esfuerzo en poner la esencia la la mejor musica del siglo XX. Os esperamos en España.

Gracias por vuestro esfuerzo en poner la esencia la la mejor musica del siglo XX. Os esperamos en España.

Dave king
Having seen your live performances on YouTube, I am truly amazed and in awe of the accurateness, treatment and superb vocal/instrument blend that you achieve. These tracks were hard enough to achieve in a studio with dubs and re-takes. You do it live and exposed. A shout to your sound engineers too!! Seriously in awe of your craftmanship

Terrence Guay
I love watching you perform on YouTube. Please tour the US, specifically State College, Pennsylvania!

Duncan Bradbury
Good evening, we were wondering if you had any plans to tour the uk ?, best regards, Duncan.

Brian Kilcourse
I happened across the White Album performance while cruising through Youtube suggestions. What a wonderful surprise! I was drawn into both the brilliant performances and (of course) the artistry of the songs themselves. It was like rediscovering my favorite Beatles album all over again! Thank you! Please come to Northern California!

Kevin Scribner
Canada needs to see you perform live! Please come after the world is normal again. Your music is quite incredible! I love the Beatles, and what you do is possibly THE best recreation of the Fab Four.

Rolf Spiegelhalter
it makes me sad that the concert that should have taken place in freiburg was canceled without replacement. for me it is not so easy to travel across germany to be able to attend a concert. that means that I will probably never have the pleasure to see you live

Jacky Ruardij
Helaas kan ik niet in september naar Hello Goodbye in de Ziggodome, heel jammer. Ik heb al jullie shows gezien dus deze wil ik ook heel graag zien, daarom mijn dringend verzoek, willen jullie "please please me", en een heleboel anderen, hier ook een theater tour van doen, wel in Amersfoort komen dan. Groetjes

Graham Wardell
I was looking through youtube and came across the Analogues. Wow I couldn`t believe how good you are. I am hoping you can come to England again as I will definately come and see you

Arthur Morill
Stunningly brilliant. Been a Beatles fan since 1963. Listen to their and your music every single day...truth. Thank you for your research, your attention to detail and nuance, your unsurpassed talent, and for keeping the music alive and live--and better with every performance! Arthur

Ken Iwane
Hello.I am surprised on seeing your performance. Splendid. I am moved in a new way having opened out.Please come to Japan when If pandemic is over.

Andrés Scialpi
Soy fanático de los Beatles desde mi infancia. Llegué a ustedes de youtube, y ahora no puedo parar de ver vuestras presentaciones. Los felicito realmente suenan increíblemente bien!!! Me han hecho sentir la magia de los fab four como si estuviese en los 60. GRACIAS y SIGAN ASí!!!!

First Generation
Can't stay away! Another Saturday night with The Analogues on Bose speakers medium loud! Thank you Youtube Premium! You guys must come to the States specifically HOUSTON! You could fill the biggest venues we have! I tell everyone I know about you. Give us a USA tour! Thanks for your great dedication to the songs I grew up with. It's just marvelous to see and hear the studio albums performed live by some of the finest musicians in the world. I congratulate every single on of you!

Randy Spung
I was 8 years old when we watched The Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan Show. My late father who was 37 years old at the time, immediately became a fan. I acquired his love for music when I was young which I continue today. He took to see "Hard Days Night" late summer of 64 at the theatre which increased my love for the Beatles very quickly. My wife and I saw Rain perform in Columbus Ohio a few years ago which we enjoyed very much. I came across your YouTube video of Golden Slumbers a few weeks ago and was blown away by your performance. My Love for the Beatles has never left me and now The Analogues have taken me back to my youth. I wish you all the best and look forward to the day when you debut in the USA!

Come to America.!! I guarantee great success. Good luck and looking forward to see you in Mexico City

Juhis Heljaste
Hi! I'm very happy I found you at Youtube. You are doing fantastic job!

maggie izzard
G' morning, We watched A Day In The Life of on You Tube last night, very good. Will you be in UK anytime? We may find it difficult to travel overseas. Love to see you, especially after all that hard work on Sgnt Peppers.

Phil Gradwell
Just discovered your brilliant music. Superb and very authentic. Are you planning on any concerts in the UK?