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Voor de evenementen die wegens de maatregelen van het RIVM zijn afgelast is een nieuwe datum gevonden. De theaters hebben hierover inmiddels contact opgenomen met mensen die in het bezit zijn van kaarten voor shows van the Analogues. M.b.t. de resterende shows in 2020 wachten we op aanvullende informatie vanuit de overheid.

Dear visitor,
New dates heve been found for our events that were canceled due to Covid19-related measures. The theaters have reached out to all people who have tickets for shows of The Analogues. With regard to the remaining shows in 2020 we are waiting for additional information on government regulations.

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Detlef Lingelbach
Hello, I have 4 tickets for your concert on the 07.10.20 in essen. since the building (colosseum) in which the concert is planned is supposed to be sold, i don't know if it will take place at all. what is your information ? thanks and regards detlef lingelbach

Jasper Don
Zaterdag 11 september 2021: The Analogues in de Ziggo Dome ! YES ! Dank jullie wel dat jullie het concert hebben verplaatst en laten doorgaan ! Wij zijn erbij !

Jasper Don
“Only The Beatles could sound like The Beatles” … “But these Dutchmen are gonna have a go recording Abbey Road from start to finish” … “If you’re putting in a ton of rehearsal and their prime to poor their passion, their desire, their talent and their energy into it … So please welcome: THE ANALOGUES !”-------> We krijgen nog steeds kippenvel als we deze woorden horen van Mark Lewisohn in Abbey Road Studios … Vanavond om 20:00 uur precies 1 jaar geleden … alsof we er weer zitten !!!

Charlie Allison
Just discovered you a few weeks ago - possibly the only good thing to come out of the virus crisis.Sent for your 4 DVDs and they arrived in just 3 days from The Netherlands. Telling all my friends far & wide. Have seen McCartney live but really this is just remarkably faithful, brilliantly executed, respectful music. Your task is to do ALL the albums then find successors (probably currently in school!) Hope you can be truly "discovered" here & worldwide for your success is both deserevd and assured (once folk have heard you). Stay safe and very best wishes from Scotland.

Dennis B
Thank you for preserving the Beatles music! Amazing musicians. I'm hoping for a tour in the US soon.

lenny Hansell
Astonishing attention to detail!

R Hucks
Just watched the White Album concert. Quite frankly, was moved (very closely) to tears. Maybe the best 1 1/2 hours I've ever spent on YouTube. I love the subtleties that you manage to capture spot-on. Thank you so very, very much for keeping this music alive and well. Come to the Southeastern US (or anywhere in US), and my daughter and I will be there. God Bless!

Alan Daurge
Move over the Fab Four, the Fab Five are here!

John Kenny
Also found you on you tube. I love the authenticity of your playing. I would go to a concert in Australia, so please think about coming here, post Covid John

Peter Boysen
I was searching for different covers of "I Am The Walrus" and you guys came up. Brilliant.

steve kahn
Fantastic, outstanding performances and sound seen on youtube. Second to none. Play Texas.

Kenneth Potts
Love all the Beatles tunes love love Thank you so much this is as close as i will ever get to the the Beatles.

Kenneth Potts
Love all the Beatles tunes love love Thank you so much this is as close as i will ever get to the the Beatles.

Shannon Sheridan
Brilliant! Great musicianship, absolutely fantastic! Found you on YouTube. Thank you for a terrific job bringing us the music we love done superbly. Shannon Sheridan 05-24-2020 California Girl in Texas, USA Come to the US!!!

John Luck
Are you coming to Canada, particularly Ottawa, Canada's capital

Alceu Amaral
Those who really knows how to play, plays alive!, congrats!!!. Closing eyes listening you guys it's like The Beatles, thanks a lot!. Quem sabe faz ao vivo, feche os olhos e ouça, é como os The Beatles. Cheers

Bob Reader
Hi guys , Was watching your stuff on YouTube .. absolutely fantastic.. brilliant stuff. Now listening to you on Spotify... can’t wait to get to see you .. Thanks Bob and Liz .. London UK

john riven
just found you the other day on youtube. perfect panacea for the lockdown. i hope you guys come to toronto one day. thanks for the great music and performances.

John Plummer
When are you coming to Canada... specifically Vancouver? Paul McCartney's been here.. and he liked it!

Charles Davies
Fasinated by your music, when will you next be touring the UK? I can't wait to see you live!