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De overheid heeft besloten dat evenementen voor meer dan 100 personen t/m 1 September worden afgelast. Dat geldt ook voor de optredens van The Analogues. De theaters zullen contact opnemen over nieuwe data of restitutie van kaarten.

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The government has decided that events for more than 100 people will be canceled until September 1. This also applies to the performances of The Analogues. The theaters will contact you about new dates or refund of tickets.

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Shannon Sheridan
Brilliant! Great musicianship, absolutely fantastic! Found you on YouTube. Thank you for a terrific job bringing us the music we love done superbly. Shannon Sheridan 05-24-2020 California Girl in Texas, USA Come to the US!!!

John Luck
Are you coming to Canada, particularly Ottawa, Canada's capital

Alceu Amaral
Those who really knows how to play, plays alive!, congrats!!!. Closing eyes listening you guys it's like The Beatles, thanks a lot!. Quem sabe faz ao vivo, feche os olhos e ouça, é como os The Beatles. Cheers

Bob Reader
Hi guys , Was watching your stuff on YouTube .. absolutely fantastic.. brilliant stuff. Now listening to you on Spotify... can’t wait to get to see you .. Thanks Bob and Liz .. London UK

john riven
just found you the other day on youtube. perfect panacea for the lockdown. i hope you guys come to toronto one day. thanks for the great music and performances.

John Plummer
When are you coming to Canada... specifically Vancouver? Paul McCartney's been here.. and he liked it!

Charles Davies
Fasinated by your music, when will you next be touring the UK? I can't wait to see you live!

Gonzalo Jeria
Creo que son la mejor banda de todo el Universo que interpreta las canciones de The Beatles. Todos los días veo y escucho vuestros videos en YouTube. Gracias por aportar belleza al mundo de hoy. Felicidades y que sigan así por mucho tiempo.

Joan Margalef
Browsing YouTube, looking for Beatles songs, I discovered you. From the first moment I was fascinated, I thought I was listening to the Beatles, but it was you and everything sounded live perfectly. From Catalonia, you have a new fan. Congratulations for the music you do.

Steve Jobbins

Michael Meier-sieren
Greetings from cologne (keulen) to a Wonderfull band. Hopefully everthing is allright with you. See you in october 2020 in duesseldorf Your 70 years old fan Michael

Victor Rodriguez
I just heard about "The Analogues" 2 weeks ago and immediately became a fan. I've been reading and viewing all about them, but couldn't find who was the member who came first with the idea of such a fantastic concept as "The Analogues" are. Please satisfy my curiosity. My best guess is... Bart. Greetings from Seeley, CA. USA.

Ricardo Pastore
I'm really impressed with The Analogues. It's like I'm listening to The Beatles, the best band of all. It's amazing what you do using the same instruments to recreate the original sound. I've been at Amsterdam in 2018, and will return when it's possible. Congratulations!

Andrew Guarino
I just recently discovered your band on YouTube. Watching the White Album. Wow! Just wow! You are all very talented and dedicated. Your attention to detail and authenticity is the best I've ever witnessed. You are doing a great service to Beatles fans everywhere! A fan From USA.

Guys, rumours are that this is your tour. I hope not, but if it is then common decency (and it would be cool)would suggest that Liverpool should be on the list of tour dates and venues! Pretty please! Chris

Ed Trainor
amazing. An astonishing reproduction of beatle music. You are not a cover band, you are a great band playing great music. thank you. please do more and please come to America

Ralf Hansen
Hey boys. You are the very best Beatles cover band i have ever heard. I am born in 1964 in Denmark, and have become a Beatles fan since 1974. I have near listen every single Beatles LP many times, and You are the very best band ever, that i have heard, copy these wunderful LP`s. Thank You so much, for Your wonderful music. Hope You will visit Denmark, i will be there :-)

C Carl
What you have done with the later Beatles songs is utterly fascinating. Nothing but admiration for your musicianship and abilities to recreate the music live. Lovin' it!

Ron Hatchell
Hello, I really enjoyed the YouTube videos I watched. The performances were outstanding. I told two of my friends about them. I am looking forward to the Decca albums (mentioned in Wikipedia) when they are released. Do you know when they will be released? Ron Hatchell

Jose-Manuel Barbosa
Hallo! Ik ben Mexicaan woonachtig in Tarzana Californië, VS drie dagen geleden vond ik 'Los Analogos' op YT, en ik voelde me nog nooit zo opgewonden sinds ik voor het eerst hoorde The Beatles in 1963 toen ik woonde in mijn woonplaats Guadalajara, Mexico, ik was een tiener en sindsdien heb ik uitgegroeid tot een koppige fanaticus en door hen heb ik rechter alle soortgelijke bands en ik heb nog nooit een van hen ooit naderende kwaliteit interpretatieve, composities en je muziek in het algemeen, je met je optredens geven me het gevoel dat ik luister naar de echte, elk instrument, ieder van jullie vormt mijn visie op wat de Beatles is. Hartelijk dank voor uw toewijding en inspanning aan de interpretatieve perfectie van de muziek en erfenis van The Beatles.