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The press about The Analogues:

'A musical masterpiece!'

- Het Parool -
'Frighteningly good!'

- De Volkskrant -
'A Musical Wonder from Holland'
- Eastern Daily Press UK -
'A magical experience'
- Vrij Nederland -
'The sound of the beatles fabulously well reconstructed'
- De Volkskrant -
I’ve witnessed something I never really thought I’d be able to witness again. Amazing'
- Geoff Emerick, chief engineer for The Beatles -
You shouldn’t touch The Beatles’ music and try to replicate it… Unless you’re gonna do it the right way'
- 'Andy Babiuk, author of Beatles Gear' -
'If you have all the tiny details right… then the whole must be right.'
- Mark Lewisohn, the world's leading authority on The Beatles -

August 29, 1966

Candlestick Park, San Francisco

The Beatles are about to start their very last live concert. They can’t hear themselves sing over the deafening screams of the frenzied crowd. After 1400 shows they decide enough is enough.

From that moment on The Beatles are a pure studio band. Abbey Road Studio 2 will subsequently see an explosion of creativity and innovation in song writing and recording technique the likes of which has never been seen. It will herald one of the most productive periods ever in the history of pop music.

Revolver, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album, Let it Be and Abbey Road; these six iconic albums were recorded in the short space of five memorable years. But… they were never performed live.

Until now! The Analogues are on a mission to perform all six of these albums in their entirety. Precisely as the records were made at the time. Using the same vintage instruments, amplifiers, sounds, live strings and horns. ‘Just the music’ as recorded by The Beatles in the Sixties. Only live.

The first album The Analogues will be performing for you is the amazing Magical Mystery Tour.

The instruments

The Beatles; to us, it's modern classical music. We’re The Analogues; we think that you simply can’t achieve a real, authentic sound with digital short cuts. We use the same instruments that The Beatles used in 1967. It’s just different, and better, we think. It’s a lot of hassle too. We have to look for instruments all over the world. You really come across some amazing stories doing this kind of thing. That actually sums up quite nicely what we do: We’re obsessed with creating the perfect sound – but the story behind it is just as important for us.

all instruments

The band

Bart van Poppel Musical director. Walrus. Sloppy execution can induce grumpyness. Wears sandals to the office. Bass, keys, vocals.

Jac Bico Silent Force. Makes anything weep gently, as long as it has strings. Prefers playing over talking. Guitars, bass, sitar, percussion, recorder, keys, vocals.

Jan van der Meij Irreplaceable as ‘loud McCartney’. Temporarily unavailable due to 40 years of faithful service in front of a guitar amp. Guitars, vocals.

Felix Maginn Finally, a native speaker of English. Replaces the irreplaceable. Part-time crooner. Amazing equestrian skills. Guitar, vocals.

Fred Gehring Seriously annoyed by dwindling awareness of the Beatles-songbook; chairman of the (future) Beatles Preservation Society. Drums, vocals.

Diederik Nomden Born many years after The White Album was released. Likes to trump Bart as main nit-picker on barely audible subtleties. Keys, guitar, vocals.



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