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The Analogues

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Josie KERR
Are you touring in 2023?

Todo Today
When are you going to come to the U.S.?

Sascha Hain
Hi, guys, I just watched the " White Album " DVD. Fantastic job ! Great stuff. You can feel the love you have for The Beatles. I ordered the three other live DVDs. Can´t wait to watch and to listen. Is there a plan for a tour and will you come to Austria too ? I hope so. I´ll be there. All the best. Sascha

Francisco Viturro
Gentlemen, I'm pretty sure you've never been told this before ;) but you are great musicians. Please, do what is necessary to come to Spain! Thanks.

Alan Coull
Absolutely gutted that you have not included Scotland ( Glasgow ) on your current 2022 tour..I've always been a Beatles fan and your wonderful tribute show is the best bar none..Outstanding work guys.Hopefully you'll venture over the border north very soon.

Brian Lardie
Guys. Your sound & instrument lineup are the best, bar none. You Are the real deal. You strive to capture every nuance, the feel, emotional impact of every song you do. I wish there was a way to see you in North America someday especially the States. Maybe it will come true. I was lad in the Midwest when the Fab first hit American airwaves in late 1963 to 1964. Then grew up hearing your records played on radio and at home. I'm grateful you made it your mission to recreative Live the last albums which never were done live by the Fab. And your absolute commitment to recreating in painstaking detail each & every song. Kudos! (Not to mention bringing us your original sounds.) A heartfelt thank you, truly. Brian Lardie, (Texas) USA (yes to newsletter)

Frank Dallas
I loved The Beatles, now I love The Analogues. Best band.

Timothy Pheagin
I am also in North Carolina. My brother just shared "A Day in the Life" video with me via Facebook Messenger. That was my first exposure, and I am immediately hooked. Please come to North Carolina.

Graham Gourlay
Been watching you video clips on YouTube and loving the sound. Would love you to come to Scotland so I can see you live. It's a amazing sound and can't believe English in not you native tongue

Shawn Watson
Please bring your show to the USA, just like the Beatles did back in1964. Maybe a 2024 USA tour to mark the 60 year anniversary of this historic event.

Greg Wilson
How about coming to the USA i just found y'all i see from YouTube you have been here. Im in North Carolina

Juan Mario Pérez Oronoz
Hola! Es impresionante la calidad interpretativa que tienen, el cuidado en el detalle de los arreglos y de los instrumentos que se utilizaron en cada una de las canciones. No soy muy afecto a las bandas de homenaje, pero el caso de ustedes es exepcional porque nos han acercado a la experiencia de escuchar a ols Beatles en vivo. Como músico y estudioso de los Beatles los felicito por su calidad, profesionalismo y respeto a la música.

Rodrigo Cordero
Me gustaría felicitar a la Banda por su apego al original e inigualable Liverpool Band. Gracias por recrear magistralmente la obra musical de la mejor banda de la historia musical. Un gran saludo desde Coquimbo- Chile.

Kodiak Bachine
The Analogues – is the most refined “musical wine” concerning the interpretation of The Beatles music… OH MY MY!!! I can imagine the amount of effort and work you guys put on the whole thing… It´s truly magnificent and amazing to say the least… Since I was about 6 or 7yo., The Beatles music became a daily part of my life… The White Album is my all-time fav., (followed by Abbey Road), by then I was 10yo. Recently when I first watched (YT) “The Analogues - White Album Full Performance” I was truly shocked for I believe not even The Beatles themselves could have played live the White Album with such accuracy and perfection… I hope I could see The Analogues playing in Brazil in near future, especially The White Album of course… with all those magical timbres that are deeply imprinted in my being and that you guys reproduced with clockwork precision and passion. The Analogues are a real and special gift for us and the next generations... BIG CONGRATS on such marvelous endeavour. Sending you guys my DEEP THANKS, LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE

Luiz Claudio
Congratulations for your fantastic performance and research to play exactly as a Beatles song deserve to be played. And also for your sympathy in stage. From Brazil!

Bert en Maureen Brouwenstijn
Waren gisteren bij jullie geweldige optreden in Carre. Echt een magische avond. Wat een geweldige artiesten zijn jullie. We hopen jullie nog vaak te kunnen zien optreden! Dank voor deze heerlijke avond!

Arthur. Elmendorp
gisteren in Carre weer genoten van jullie. goed dat Jan van der Mey ook weer met een paar nummers erbij was. het was weer een een heerlijk avondje Beatle muziek na jullie gezien te hebben in de Abbey Road studio's twee jaar geleden.

MIke Adair
You guys are amazing. Five of us did this in Ottawa in the 80's and I have an idea of the work and the joy. A deep bow to all of you:

Gerard van Dam
08-06-2022 wat een geweldige avond gehad in het theater in Tiel. Uiteraard de DVD Abbey Road gekocht van het optreden in Ziggo Dome. Wel jammer dat niet de hele show er op staat, want nu mis je heel veel prachtige nummers. Komt er nog een dvd van de hele show?

Rob Kruis
Een geweldige avond gehad in het theater in Tiel. Enorme bewondering voor jullie muzikale vakmanschap. Dank jullie wel