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Allen Carpenter
I am a new fanatic. Thank you so much for playing the songs EXACTLY like they were. It really moves me to tears that the live now sound is just as the song was intended. (I am tearing up right now.) I should give you my demographic: I am 73 in September. I have been a musician all my life. Your performances of the Beatles music is so right! If I ever get a chance to come to Europe before I’m dead, lol, we all go. It will be because I came to see The Analogues. I know how hard you guys work. Allen Carpenter

Phillip Rojas
Please bring your shows to America. What you have accomplished and continue to bring to audiences is incredible and so enjoyable. An entire generation of fans and a new generation of Beatles music fans would be thrilled to experience your performances. Analogues forever!

Scott Harrison
Our 7 year old twin granddaughters had never heard any Beatles music before. A cpl of weeks ago, I took them with me to buy them a pool, and the song Yellow Submarine came on the radio. They instinctively started singing along with the chorus. I've played a few more off the YouTube performance by The Analogues . One of the twins said they really like the Beatles' music because "there are parts of their songs that are easy to sing along with." Out of the mouth of babes... Maybe that was one of the Beatles' secret ingredients.

Nicole Everest
Oh, I so wish you would come to the United States. I have stage 4 ovarian cancer and my time left on this planet is limited. My greatest fantasy has always been to go to a Beatles concert, which of course is no longer possible. But this really is the next best thing. Please, please tour the United States so I can come and see you. I will figure out a way to make it to you, wherever in the United States you perform, no matter how I am feeling.

sergio carvalho
Boys, estou querendo saber quem são as pessoas de apoio a vocês, que tocam teclados, violinos e instrumentos de sopro. Vocês poderiam escrever no site um pouco sobre este pessoal? Há gente bem simpática, por exemplo aquelas moças do violino/viola que fiam sempre atrás, nos shows...

I've just discovered The Analogues on Youtube and after hearing several Beatle tributes,(Rain/1964/ the Rattles/ and Beatles in Blue) I must say, with all certainty that you ARE the best by a huge margin and judging from the fans you have worldwide I'm not alone here!!! Now the tricky part!-Could you please come to Canada ( Toronto ) so we can have the pleasure of The Analogues in a Live performance!!!

Peter Gates
It was 60 years ago, today when The Beatles - reunited with Ringo after the enforced Jimmy Nichol stand in - played four 29 minute concerts over two nights at the small Festival Hall (5000 seats) in Brisbane, Australia (long since demolished). I was there to experience the screaming frenzy of the event. A concert, it wasn't, for a former muso. I tried for Nijmegen in March, 2020, but no: the dreaded COVID meant "get out of Europe". So I'm coming to Ziggo Dome on the 20th - and, hopefully, Dusseldorf the week before. How good it will be to luxuriate in an audible live performance of Revolver and Pepper. And knowing this is the first part of "The End". The totality of The Analogues concept will be leaving a great legacy. Incidentally, I'm really enjoying Jac's Alone Together.

sergio carvalho
Não é "fachada". Isto foi obra do meu corretor ortográfica, eu quiz escrever "FAÇANHA"!!! Grato

Sergio Carvalho
Vocês materializaram meu sonho! Desde que eu aprendi a tocar guitarra, depois piano (de ouvido) e contrabaixo, há 60 anos atrás, sempre quis tocar o mais próximo possível das performances dos Beatles... e sempre fiquei muito frustrado por não conseguir. Quando ouvi vocês pela 1ª vez, fiquei com muita raiva: alguém tinha conseguido o que eu persegui por muito tempo! Mas foi só inveja e momentânea. Passei a admirá-los muito e parabenizo-os pela façanha de tocar e cantar de forma idêntica aos Fabfour!. Parabéns!!

Dawn Jones
You are the best, Yes i love the Beatles music and you guy are just so awesome thank you for doing this.

Edward van der Eijden
Gisteren in de Stoep, Spijkernisse, en het was weer geweldig! Vervang in de pinkpop setlist 'All you need is love' door 'The balad of John and Yoko' (geweldige afsluiter) en de setlist is perfect!

Fabrizio Bosco
Italy please ????. You're number 1 ????????????????????????????

Patrick Henry
I heard a sad rumor that the Analogues were disbanding after their last concert in December of 2024. Is this true? Also, any chance of a performance in New York? Will Revolver and Let It Be be released as DVDs?

gary harmon
This band is amazing!! Any plans to tour the US?

Irma van Hezewijk
Aanvulling op het uitstekende idee van Boudewijn Huber: gewoon alle drie de concerten op dvd (vanwege de geluidskwaliteit misschien tijdens de try-outs in den lande opgenomen) en dan ook nog een een mooie documentaire van de afscheidsconcerten? Dan hebben we in elk geval de herinneringen nog in 2025 enz.

Boudewijn Huber
mag ik jullie een hele goede suggestie geven? het concert in Ziggo Dome met Revolver en Let it be laten opnemen voor een DVD. De fans zullen daar heel erg blij mee zijn:ze hebben dan de 2 ontbrekende albums en..het laatste concert als een goede herinnering aan jullie geweldige optredens!!En....zet dan als foto daarop jullie grote truck van de Analogues. Hoop dat jullie dat willen doen..wacht met blijheid!!

Rob Peters
Ik heb een aantal optredens van jullie mogen meemaken en gisteren, in Sneek, (dus) voor het laatst. Snik! Ik heb geen toereikende superlatieven, maar ik laat dan maar even weten dat ik gisteren een paar maal moest schreien. (Ik was 13 toen Revolver uitkwam, vandaar….) Bedankt jongens! Jullie zijn helden.

Andrew Musson
Well I'm sorry to hear it will be "The End" but I understand your reasoning. Please, one farewell show in London also?

Jean-Claude Gossye
Beste Analogues, Mei 2018 in de Brusselse AB, ons eerste concert van the Analogues was een feit en er zouden er nog velen volgen. Elk concert was even ontroerend of het nu in België, Nederland of de UK was, we hebben er altijd ontzettend van genoten. Het hoogtepunt was voor ons natuurlijk wel de opname van "Abbey Road Relived" in de wereldbefaamde studio in Londen. Dankzij jullie heb ik het volledige oeuvre van the Beatles leren kennen. Bedankt voor de vele mooie momenten, Jean-Claude & Sonia

Boudewijn Huber
worden Revolver en Let it Be nog uitgegeven in DVD??

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