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Jean-Claude Gossye
Beste Analogues, Mei 2018 in de Brusselse AB, ons eerste concert van the Analogues was een feit en er zouden er nog velen volgen. Elk concert was even ontroerend of het nu in België, Nederland of de UK was, we hebben er altijd ontzettend van genoten. Het hoogtepunt was voor ons natuurlijk wel de opname van "Abbey Road Relived" in de wereldbefaamde studio in Londen. Dankzij jullie heb ik het volledige oeuvre van the Beatles leren kennen. Bedankt voor de vele mooie momenten, Jean-Claude & Sonia

Boudewijn Huber
worden Revolver en Let it Be nog uitgegeven in DVD??

Henk Jansen
Jammer dat jullie stoppen met optreden maar inderdaad de missie is voltooid en gelukkig hebben we de DVD's nog. Nog één keer kan ik van jullie genieten, op 19 november in het Isala Theater in Capelle. Dat is een fijn klein theater en zo zie en hoor ik jullie het liefst.

Gayle Oglesby
Looking forward to visiting Amsterdam and seeing the Show in September. Coming from Texas, USA.

Dave Thompson
Hi fellas. No U.K dates or London Palladium concert this year?????Sure are going to miss your absolutely outstanding show this sumner????

Peter Chatfield
Hi guys, I would just like to add to all the tributes you've received, that I was blown away when I came upon you. I'm 74 now and have been playing from the age 16, (1965) and you've brought me amazing joy to hear a team of guys put together such a project with such fervor, accuracy dedication, skill, and most of all love for the original. Keep on rockin' guys everybody who hears you will want to share in your quest, kindest regards Pete

Boudewijn Huber
Hoi beste bandleden. Zijn jullie nog van plan om in 2025 langs de theaters te gaan??Zo ja...ik kijk er naar uit!!

James Andrie Alinsangao
Greetings to all of the Analogues! Love the extreme attention to detail in your performances, and I especially can relate since I have slight OCD. Praying that you would play here in the Philippines in the future!

Kenny Davis
Well, if you guys won't come to Texas, I guess I'll have to come back to Amsterdam to see you. Can't wait to hear you play Revolver and Sgt. Pepper in the Ziggo Dome on 20.9.24. See you then!!

Michael Kirby
Come to Seattle and/or Bellingham, Washington USA. Vancouver, British Columbia would be great, too!

Dale Landrum
My mother bought me a cheap electric guitar and amp for my 9th birthday in L.A in the summer of '64 all because of the Beatles. I was in a garage band in1967--. It kept us out of trouble! You guys do it with dedicated accuracy-the best I've ever seen/heard. Is A Hard Day's Night on the list of to do's? Rubber Soul (with I've Just Seen A Face...)? Can't wait for songs like A Hard Day's Night, If I Fell, Tell Me Why, I'll Be Back, etc. Thanks for the great sound!!!

Jim Larsson
Please come to the UK. Like me (69) my kids love the music. A memorable experience to behold. ????

Marcus Tyler
Your covers are amazingly sharp! Bet you've never heard that one. I am an old retired Beatles lover who would love to see you come to America to perform. Please consider us!

Barry Smiley
The astounding attention to the detail of the music you perform is fabulous! I discovered The Analogues on YouTube, here in the U.S., and have tried to spread the news of your music. I’m 75, and was glued to the TV set that late February 1964, and followed The Beatles music throughout their career. What you all are doing shows the world what can be done. Great talent, each and every one! God bless you in your Analogue career!

Didier BION
AM 69 and am a Beatles fan since 1967. Have always been reluctant about so called "Tribute Bands". Discovered you only few months ago. You truly amazed me and made me rediscover White Album little gems like Long Long Long for instance. Wish had known you before since i missed the Pleyel gig lasdt December. Wish you could reenact the Revolver album. Anyhow, hats off to all of you as your atcs are "second to none". Yrs truly Didier (that must be Diederik in French lol).

Lynda and Robbie Wilde
Whow you are amazing,what a sound.Have only just discovered you on YouTube , and cannot stop listening to you. When are you playing in the UK whenever we will be there!,

Erik Juul
Hey I have seen the videos on YouTube You're a fantastic band.I live in Denmark and we have a great band called Repeatles....But you are best Beatles copy band I ever heard.. respect for the song that. Are you coming to Denmark some day?? Thank you ..regards Erik????????????

Sherry Morse
Another request to come to America please - specifically Northeast Pennsylvania!

Greg Fuller
America awaits. Hope you can make it over here, you guys rock, keep up the excellent work.

gordon wilkinson
When are you coming to the UK / Scotland ?

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